Brandon Cox

Recognizing Your Value: The Traits In Your Life That Will Set You Apart

One of the most important discoveries in life is recognizing the value within you. When you recognize your value you turn on the value of your life.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to bet on yourself like Stallone bet on Rocky.

  • How to use your voice like a world champ.

  • How to make the difficult times in your life work for you, not against you.

  • How to be ready when your opportunity comes.

  • How excellence can promote you from being a hired hand to a leader of people.

  • How to continue your legacy by investing in others.

In Recognizing Your Value, you will be inspired to be who you were created to be and begin to capitalize on the traits that make the difference in your life.

What People

Are Saying

Brandon and I have now journeyed together for over 15 years and he has never ceased to amaze me. Without exaggeration, I have trained and coached tens of thousands of people in the last 30+ years, and Brandon stands out among the best of them. I have never seen a man of his age so well read, well spoken and accomplished in leading powerful people. Brandon makes me proud.
— Joel Scrivner, 4X World Champion, Founding Pastor of Oaks Church Texas, Founder and Author of WINology, Executive Coach
Brandon’s life story of overcoming obstacles will inspire you to evaluate and improve the way you respond to challenges in life. He is a man that has not run from trial, but has embraced them in an effort to increase his value and maximize his impact. If you want to know who God created you to be and how He wants to use you, keep this book in your library to read again and again.
— Stephen Hayes, Senior Pastor of Covenant Church
Recognizing Your Value is one of those books that can be a game changer for someone trying to figure out who they are. So many people spend years and even decades trying to find their voice and their lane, but I believe in this book, Brandon gives his audience the tools not to just know who they are, but why they are. Brandon has a unique writing style that keeps the reader engaged at a high level. This book is important for everyone to read.
— Ryan Leak, Renowned Speaker and Author of UnOffendable
Brandon is an inspiring young leader with the wisdom of a seasoned veteran. He has an innate ability to capture profound truths and relate them in clear, often humorous ways.
— Clint Hatton, Founding Pastor of Gates Church, Coach, and Communicator
Brandon’s story is one of hope and strength! His insight on life is refreshing in a world of negativity. You’ll be moved and encouraged to keep fighting in the midst of the struggle!
— Creg Darby, Associate Youth Pastor at Covenant Church